At Kriti we believe that each individual contributes directly or indirectly in achieving the organization’s objectives. Hence, we align individual goals to the organization’s goals.

Responsibility without freedom is like a sword with no cutting edge. So, individuals are empowered to perform and excel with defined responsibilities. Each person is given the freedom and a comfortable working environment to use his imagination and creativity to deliver innovative solutions to help in the evolution of a resilient organization to keep pace with the changing times. We are focused on performance, timely and systematic working and give an employee ample training and opportunity to excel. We foster multi tasking ability and role changes for upward growth. We hire people who can contribute and have a learning attitude and with an ability to accept new systems, processes and progressive styles of working.

We have a flat organization structure with no rigid hierarchical divisions and encourage teamwork. We encourage long-term association of the employees with the company by giving career growth and self-actualization opportunities.

We are a strong value based organization and its people have always upheld Kriti’s values of honesty, integrity and total dedication and commitment to work.

Employment Philosophy