The Key success factors  for any optical fiber transmission backhaul , access networks or In building fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructure are durability which means built to last ,reliability which ensures sustainability under challenging onsite conditions ,technology that enables faster network rollouts & constant innovation that delivers next generation solution to the ever evolving needs of our customers .

Our KASTA HDPE ducts are engineered, evolved  and are custom made around our  understanding on applications  and actual deployment requirements for your mission critical optical fiber networks .Our state of the art quality systems and our firm commitment  ensures that you burry the best duct every time .

These KASTA HDPE ducts are designed in various sizes & configurations to address your key requirements such as cablesize, cable type and nature of the deployment techniques. We craft miniature 5.5 mm to mid size 40 mm HDPE Ducts for Main OF cable to FTTH blown fiber and direct burred to aerial cable deployments.

Each of our HDPE ducts are coextruded with anultra fine, highly reinforced, thick inner “Silk layer” layer made of enrichedlubricant. It facilitates faster cable blowing, protects the cable against aerodynamic heating, significantly reduces coefficient of friction, remains constant throughout the duct length and remains effective as long as the duct lives.

All our ducts undergo and exceeds stringent global quality test benchmarks so they can withstand horizontal directional drilling (HDD) at great lengths , high bend induced stress ,over exposure to sunlight (Ultraviolet rays) ,high impacts during mechanical excavations ,extreme temperatures ranges without cracks or splits ,excellent ovality ensures  no  leakage at coupling locations  during  high pressure blowing  and last but not least wall thickness throughout the duct length . These factors are the sum of your returns on investment and peace of mind multipliers.

We integrate technology that delivers solutions and not just a basic HDPE duct. Now you can trace your duct depth and identify locations through GPS satellites, simply blow at enhanced distance due to the optimized inner duct geometry and use high quality HDPE Duct accessories like Snap fit couplers, Duct end caps, Cableplugs, ductspacers and other fitments available in various dimensions.

One of our hallmarks is the ability to innovate and customize products through our extensive telecom technology expertise aided by state of the art extrusion and injection molding capabilities.

Our KASTA HDPE DUCT Portfolio includes:

  1. FiBERDUCT (Prelubricated HDPE Duct)
  2. FiBERFLY (Ribbed HDPE Duct)
  3. FiBERWAYS (Micro technology HDPE Micro Ducts)
  4. FiBERiTRACK (HDPE Duct with Tracer Technology )
  5. FiBERF8 (HDPE Figure 8 Duct )



FiBERDUCT is a superior technology Prelubricated (PLB) duct design, used for fiber optic & copper cable protection under challenging conditions. It can be blown in existing higher diameter duct (Duct in Duct) or can be used for burial application.

  • Permanent Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer” coextruded with HDPE reduces coefficient of friction & enhances blowing performance.
  • Longer cable pulls over multiple bends.
  • Protection against aerodynamic heating.
  • Enhanced Ultra violet (UV) Protection.
  • Anti termite& anti rodent (optional) capabilities.
  • Preinstalled cable in ducts reduces network rollout time (optional)
  • Tested against stringent elongation break requirements which eliminates issues during HDD (Horizontal directional drilling)
  • Approved by TEC /GR/TX/CDS-008/03, Mar-11 (With amndt No. 1 dated 28.03.2013). Fully compliant with all IS, ASTM & BIS standards
  • Available in 32/26 mm, 40/33 mm & 40/34.2 mm OD/ID sizes with Nylon ropes.
  • Preferred by majority of telecom operators , Infrastructure , Oil & gas , CATV and network builders



 Jet forward propulsion flow

FiBERFLY is a unique telecom inner ribbed ductdesign that ensures blowing at an extra distance. The optimized geometry produces “suction effect” that multiples the pulling force and optical fiber cable floats  in the  HDPE Duct with enhanced velocity.

  • Elliptical Interior ribs geometry reduce surface contact with optical fiber cable during installation.
  • Also enhances the aerodynamics during blowing and provides an extra movement.It creates a jet engine like forward propulsion within the duct.
  • The stress on Optical fiber is contained and that means longer life span and low cable losses.
  • Long distance blowing means less coupling, less network deployment time which means low network buildup cost.
  • It also ensures use of longer cable length drums which means less splicing and optimized optical link budgets. Net saving on capital expenditure incurred on additional joint enclosures, Jointing pits and other accessories.
  • The operational expenditure gets reduced as less maintenance is required over a long haul duct routes.
  • Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer” coextruded with HDPE reduces coefficient of friction & enhances blowing performance.
  • Tested against stringent elongation break requirements which eliminate issues during HDD (Horizontal directional drilling).

FiBERiTRACK is a burry and forget tracing technology duct design with a coextruded and insulated tinplated copper wire that can pin point where ever the duct is buried. It works hand in hand with a GPS based Locating system that can produce real-time reports.

The non-intrusive measuring device, the receiver, takes measurements along the pipeline and plots the results directly onto the screen of the receiver. There is no need to carry extra logging and display devices. All the data is displayed and logged into the receiver and can be downloaded to a spread sheet or dedicated analysis program.

A +/- 3m accuracy GPS antenna is included with the system. It links to the receiver via Bluetooth radio link. The GPS enables the user to generate real time current gradient graphs and guides the user back to a point of interest by highlighting the user’s position on the graph.

  • Measures precise duct coordinates and the duct network can be plotted on the map.
  • Identifies if the duct is buried at the right depth which means confirmation on best practices of deployment

  • ABD’s (As built drawing ) can be updated in real time
  • It comes with tracer wire- weather proof jointing connecters.
  • Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer” coextruded with HDPE duct reduces coefficient of friction & enhances blowing performance.




Detailed online reports


Hand Haled Locater


FiBERWAYS is a next generation micro duct design for both in-building & direct burred micro cable installations for FTTH networks. Several Micro ducts are jacketed together and creating dedicated multiple pathways for fiber optic Fiber micro cable.

  • It increases network capacities manifold, offering easy Micro fiber installation that are capable of carrying high speed network traffic in small micro ducts.
  • Fiber WAYS can be installed at a very low depth using micro trenching technology.
  • The strong outer sheathing provides  additional impact protection  during installation
  • Ideal for air blown fiber installations, upgrade your network on fly.
  • Extra ultra violet (UV) protection which ensures longer life span.
  • Anti termite& anti rodent protection.
  • Easy routing,branching and quick network provisioning. The mid span access of micro ducts means flexibility to provision fiber, especially forIn -building riser & plenum duct installations.
  • Comes with Multi duct configuration(1,2,4,5,7,12FiBERWAYS) in sizes of 5/3.5 mm , 7/5.5 mm , 10/8 mm , 12/10 mm ,14/10mm .
  • Know the precise location through GPS based duct locating system




Configurations Outer Diameter Avg. Wall thickness Max OD of Micro Cable
 5/3.5 5 (+/-5) mm 0.75 (+0.0/0.1) mm 1.5 mm
 7/5.5 7 (+/-0.1) mm 0.75 (+0.0/0.1) mm 3.5 mm
 10/8 10 (+/-0.1) mm 1.0  (+0.0/0.1) mm 5.5 mm
 12/10 12 (+/-0.1) mm 1.0  (+0.0/0.1) mm 6.5 mm
 14/10 14(+/-0.1) mm 2.0  (+0.0/0.1) mm 7.00 mm
 14/12 14 (+/-0.1) mm 1.0  (+0.0/0.1) mm 7.5 mm




FiBERF8 is a design for Aerial installation of the fiber optic micro cable. Right of way (ROW) is a real challenge when it comes to buried installations as it is impacts time and cost of deployment. Aerial micro fibers protected by FiBERF8 Figure 8 ducts can reduce the ROW issues & installation time.

  • It protects the overhead cables from hostile environmental degradations.
  • Co-extruded messenger wire (Figure 8) used for in air suspension.
  • Comes with an extra UV protection.
  • Armouring provides tensile strength and safeguard cable against vandalism.
  • Permanent Inner lubricant ‘Silk layer” coextruded with HDPE reduces coefficient of friction & enhances blowing/pulling performance.
  • Anti termite& anti rodent options are available
  • Various sizes are available along with host of accessories which makes the installation hassle free.

HDPE DUCT Accessories for outside Plant (OSP)

Kriti manufactures high quality HDPE duct accessories for your HDPE duct deployments in outside plant optical fiber networks. These products cater to the key onsite requirements such as ease of use, unavailability of tools on remote sites and lack of skilled man power. They together ensuresuperior customers experience during duct laying process, Duct integrity test (DIT) and even when cable is finally blown or pulled in the ducts.




PUSH FIT COUPLERS The HDPE duct can easily be shoved in these snap fit couplers to complete a joint. The robust seal & lock mechanism ensures smooth cable blowing even at  a high pressure of 15 bars , without any leakage .It does not require any tool or skills  and is easier to handle by any one on the site . It does not deteriorate even after several mating during the installation.

BLANK DUCT PLUGS  When the duct laying process gets over and the empty HDPE ducts are to be terminated they should be sealed properly. Blank Duct Plugs ensures protection against the ingress of contaminated water, dirt, chemicals moister or rodents which can impact the life of the duct and make the duct integrity test & cable blowing a nightmare. 

CABLE SEALING  PLUGS  Once the Fiber optic cable is pulled or being blown in the HDPE duct these Plugs are used to seal the duct with the cable, specially at manholes , jointing pits or hand holes. This ensures durability of HDPE ducts and   fiber optic cable and protects them against ingress of any kind. 



These caps  comes  preinstalled at both the ends of the HDPE duct coils and ensures adequate protection to the inner silk  lubricant layer during shipment  to the site from our plants or transpiration from the warehouses to the site . We also have a innovative pressure end cap (PECAP)  that  has an inbuilt pressure realizing mechanism .


DUCT SPACERS This sturdy design can manage multiple ducts which mean straight laying and also saves space during the open trench installations .

FiBERWAYSAccessories for Direct Buried Micro ducts & In-building FTTX Installations

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Networks deliver high speed triple play service such as voice, video, data  using a delicate Micro technology  products and accessories for both direct buried as well as in building networks . There are several challenges in creating a passive optical network (PON) and we manufacture wide range of accessories which ensures optimum network rollout times, easy handling of Micro cable of various size like access till the drop in the premises



Straight Fit (ST) connecters are push fit type with a leak proof seal and lock mechanism for jointing two Micro ducts of the same outer diameter. These are high performance connecters and sustain large no of mating during and after mechanism.


The Gas Block Connector is used to block moisture, allowing gas to pass freely into different micro duct sections. Working in a similar way as the Straight Connector when jointing micro ducts, the Gas Block Connector has a compressible rubber gasket that is sealed after the cable has been installed.





These connecters are push fit type with a leak proof seal and lock mechanism for jointing two Micro ducts of the different outer diameter. In a drop application a higher size 7/5.5 can be coupledwith 5/3.5 mm size micro duct.



Transparent end cap to cover open micro ducts and to prevent penetration of dirt.



H enclosure for branching micro duct routes. This solution is water-proof



Y enclosure for branching micro duct routes from 1 direction & T enclosure for branching micro duct routes from 2 directions. These solutions are not water-proof and are for in building installations only. They can be used along with other water proof accessories.