Every Kriti product undergoes a series of stringent tests to emerge as a quality statement befitting our consumers’ expectations. The scientific procedures and latest equipment are a solid assurance of the product conforming to the most exacting standards.
A bevy of modern gadgets are lined up to test the strength of our products before they see the light of the day, as:
· Tensile Tester tests the tensile strength that is the physical make up of the product to determine if it is strong enough to withstand the most rigorous service conditions.
· Oxidation Induction Meter- This piece of equipment is one of the most sophisticated in our armoury. It tests the products for its ability to stand the test of time and resist the degradation by oxidation.
· Coefficient of Friction Tester- This test measures the force of friction between The inner lubricated layer of PLB HDPE duct and optical fiber cables to obviate any chances of damage that may be caused to the dainty piece of optical fiber by friction.
· Carbon Black Dispersion Tester: This test determines the dispersion of the carbon black fiber in the polymer compound which is responsible for stability of the product under constant exposure to UV light.
· Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine: Fully automated computerized hydrostatic pressure testing machine tests each product for its strength in bearing water pressure that flows through it.
· Discharge Uniformity Measurement Machine: Hydrostatic testing machine to test the dripper discharge for every batch of production.
· Impact Resistance Tester: To measure the brittleness of the pipe at 0 deg. C
· ESCR Tester: To test long term property of product to understand the weather resistance of product.